Being a Polyglot Developer

December 31, 2019 2 minutes

My objective for the year 2019 was joining one more programming language community after Python and Lisp. I followed .NET Core in my first six months and did some projects using C# and F#. But then, I decided that learning Rust is a better idea. Some of the Python and Django developers I’ve followed have had a significant impact on my decision.

Python is a programming language that easy to learn, it has a significant and active community, and I believe that it will keep its popularity for a longer time. Therefore, when choosing another programming language, I make sure that it has different features and priorities. I’m not sure, but I think that that’s why I couldn’t continue with .NET community. I already produce microservices, REST API, gRPC server, or even classifying things using machine learning libraries in Python. But I would not have preferred Python if I want to make a mobile application, that would not make sense. Or I would use Rust for embedded or blockchain projects; I would code data or text mining tools in Lisp, for example.

In the past, being a full-stack developer was an extremely wanted job position. Now I don’t know how it is, but I suggest you stay away and become a polyglot developer instead.